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Executives, CEOs, and Business Experts to gather at first-ever Crodiaspora Summit

Location for Crodiaspora Summit 2020 (Photo credit: Leon Grdić)

The first-ever Crodiaspora Summit will take place at the Svpetrvs Waterman resort on May 21-23, 2020. Crodiaspora is celebrating the accomplishments of the Croatian diaspora including their very own Marion Duzich who is celebrating 20 years in Supetar Brač.

Mr. Duzich’s Svpetrvs Waterman resort offers a private atmosphere curated with a spacious and comfortable environment to interact with fellow participants in both formal and informal sessions. The Crodiaspora Summit is about igniting new connections and collaborations between experienced Croatian Professionals and entrepreneurs alike who love their homeland and want to take it to the next level in the new decade.

Some of the Speakers at the Crodiaspora Summit includes Partners at PwC (PriceWaterhouseCoopers) , John Gašparac (Croatia) and Nick Krešić (United States); Vice President of Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, Ivan Golubić; CEO and President of Inspirien Insurance, Margaret Nekić; Head of Global PR at the Croatian Tourism Board, Lucijana Jerković; CHO at Google, Boris Debić; Founders of Metronet Croatia, Darrel Šarić and Dennis Rukavina and Ognjen Bagatin, CEO of Bagatin Poliklinika. Former advisor to Former Prime Minister and President of Croatia, Stjepo Bartulic, Former Political Advisor to Margaret Thatcher and Croatian historian Robin Harris and Former Deputy Prime Minister Davor Ivo Stier will also talk about the comparative advantages of living in Croatia.

The Crodiaspora Summit will be a three-day event which will be an opportunity for business people from the international Croatian Community to talk about the best business strategies that are focused on how to best help Croats do more business, return, and unite as one country. Crodiaspora believes that the focus of the conference will spark Croatian growth and will help bring about change that will make Croatia progress exponentially.

(Photo credit: Svpetrus Waterman resort)

“From the diaspora to the diaspora. Come to Supetar for an all inclusive “everything Croatian diaspora“ weekend. Network with like-minded Croats from around the world.” Register for the conference at Crodiaspora.com.

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