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Excise Duties on Petrol and Tobacco Raised

petrolBowing to pressure from the European Commission, Croatia’s government has announced that excise duties on tobacco and petrol will increase on Thursday…

Excise duty on petrol, diesel, fuel oil and kerosene will increase by 20 lipa (0.03 euros) per litre, whilst excise duty on tobacco will increase by between 60 and 99 lipa (0.07 – 0.13 euros) per pack. The increase should bring in an estimated 600 million kuna (80 million euros) annually to the state budget.

Whilst many expect prices to rise at the pumps as a result of the increase, Minister of Entrepreneurship Gordan Maras did not think motorists had anything to worry about.

“Considering that the price of petrol has fallen over the last 2-3 months by more than 1 kuna (0.13 euros), I do not believe that prices will rise, especially for citizens when we talk about reflex prices at retailers,” he said.

Finance Minister Boris Lalovac said on Thursday that another increase was likely next year also as Croatia is still below the European Commissions excise duties requirement level.

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