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Every Child Deserves a Hot Meal

GlasZAGREB, 19th January 2015 – RWE, the second largest electricity supplier in Croatia, today launched a major donation action called “Every child deserves a hot meal”. The action was launched with the objective to provide hot meals to children in primary schools from all over Croatia, whose parents don’t have the possibility to pay for the meal.

“It is unacceptable that a hot meal – costing only around 5 kuna per day is not secured for children in schools. That’s why we made the first step and donated the amount of 100,000 kuna for 10 schools from all over Croatia. This way we provided hot meals for more than 200 children till the end of the school year 2014/2015. Our wish is that this action should be continued in order to solve the problem in as many schools in Croatia”, said Zoran Miliša, CEO of RWE Energija.

Therefore, RWE invited all companies in Croatia, as well as all people to join the action and directly help the schools. You can read more about the action on web page www.narodni.hr. Media sponsors of the action are Narodni radio, Slavonski radio and Prvi radio.

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