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Eurovision 2019: Croatia’s entry No.1 in a public poll of current entries

Roko Blažević – The Dream (Photo: Eurosong HRT/Dora)

2 March 2019 – Croatia’s 2019 Eurovision entry is the most popular out of all the entries so far, according to a poll on the world’s most-read independent Eurovision devoted website wiwibloggs.

18-year-old Roko Blažević will represent Croatia in Tel Aviv with ‘The Dream’ after he won the Dora 2019 competition in Opatija last month.

Seventeen nations have already dropped their Eurovision 2019 songs and it is Croatia’s entry which has come out at the top of a poll of more than 14,000 votes. 

Croatia’s entry received 20.83% of the votes, or 2,937 votes. In second place was Italy’s entry ‘Soldi’ by Mahmood, which received 2,645 votes. Spain’s entry, ‘La Venda’ by Miki, was third, whilst Slovenia and Romania were fourth and fifth in the poll respectively. 

More than half of the entries for this year’s Eurovision contest in Tel Aviv are still to drop by the 10 March deadline. A larger poll with all entries will be done and it could provide a clearer indication of how Roko will do. 

Croatia has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 24 times since making its debut at the 1993 contest. Croatia’s best result in the contest is fourth-place finishes in 1996 (Maja Blagdan) and 1999 (Doris Dragović). 

Poll of the Eurovision 2019 entires as of 2 March

1. Croatia: Roko with “The Dream” 20.83% (2,937 votes)

2. Italy: Mahmood with “Soldi” 18.76% (2,645 votes)

3. Spain: Miki with “La Venda” 8.41% (1,186 votes)

4. Slovenia: Zala Kralj & Gašper Šantl with “Sebi” 7.45% (1,050 votes)

5. Romania: Ester Peony with “On A Sunday” 5.51% (777 votes)

6. France: Bilal Hassani with “Roi” 5.49% (774 votes)

7. Albania: Jonida Maliqi with “Ktheju Tokës” 4.97% (701 votes)

8. Australia: Kate Miller-Heidke with “Zero Gravity” 4.36% (614 votes)

9. Estonia: Victor Crone with “Storm” 4.24% (598 votes)

10. United Kingdom: Michael Rice with “Bigger Than Us” 3.82% (538 votes)

11. Germany: S!sters with “Sister” 3.29% (464 votes)

12. Hungary: Joci Pápai with “Az én Apám” 3.2% (451 votes)

13. Lithuania: Jurijus with “Run With The Lions” 2.99% (422 votes)

14. Denmark: Leonora with “Love Is Forever” 2.54% (358 votes)

15. Czech republic: Lake Malawi with “Friend Of A Friend” 1.91% (269 votes)

16. Latvia: Carousel with “That Night” 1.45% (205 votes)

17. Montenegro: D-moll with “Heaven” 0.77% (109 votes)

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