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European summer weather forecast is out – what’s in store for Croatia

Hvar (Photo: Colton Jones)

20 May 2020 – Croatia is in for a very hot and dry summer, according to leading global meteorology forecasting service AccuWeather who released its 2020 Europe summer forecast on Wednesday.

AccuWeather’s meteorologists forecast what is in store for Europe this summer, which starts in one month on 20 June. Hot and dry conditions will dominate the summer across Croatia, bringing with it some concerns, especially for farmers.

“This could lead to temperatures in the upper 30s C and lower 40s C for parts of northern Italy and the valleys of the Balkans several times or for a prolonged period of time,” AccuWeather Meteorologist Tyler Roys said.

(Image credit: AccuWeather)

While heatwaves are forecast to hit much of Europe, potentially damaging thunderstorms are also forecast from northern France through northern Poland.

“Central and northern France into Germany and Denmark will be the clash zone between the hot and dry conditions and cold fronts moving through with a storm track just to the northwest of the British Isles,” Roys explained.

Paris, Prague, Brussels, Berlin and even Warsaw are some of the larger cities that are encompassed in the zone where severe weather could erupt.

AccuWeather, which was founded in 1962, provides commercial weather forecasting services worldwide.

You can see the 2020 summer forecast here. 

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