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EU Olive Oil Dispenser Restaurant Ban ‘Disaster’ For Croatian Producers

From 1 January 2014 olive oil in dispensers or dipping bowls at restaurants will be banned in Europe. The European Commission have turned down a request to have the ban over turned last week in a move described by one Croatian restauranteurs as ‘authoritarian’ and a ‘disaster’ for the small local olive oil producer in the country.

The EU recently passed the new law which will mean olive oil served at restaurants must be in pre-packaged, factory bottles with a tamper-proof dispensing nozzle and labelling in line with EU industrial standards.

Thousands of restaurants along Croatia’s Dalmatian coast currently use refillable dispensers to serve olive oil from local producers who do not meet EU industrial standards and the ban

“We get most of our olive oil from a local supplier in Sibenik on the Croatian coast but from next year we will not be able to purchase from him because of this silly law. The EU have done enough already to ‘kill’ the small guy and this is just another nail in the coffin,” said Sibenik restaurant owner, adding that.”hygiene” was the EU’s justification, when in reality protecting the ‘big boys’ is the real benefit.

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