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EU Commission: Croatia Is Now Ready

The European Commission has given Croatia the green light in its last monitoring report which was presented in Zagreb on Tuesday, saying that Croatia is now ready to enter the European Union on 1 July.

EU Commissioner Stefan Fule says that Croatia has fulfilled all obligations in the lead up to its accession in July.

“Croatia we have monitored with a special regime, we gave Croatia 10 special tasks. I am glad that they have fulfilled them all, or they will be fulfilled,” said Fule.

“We have fulfilled all, or they will be before 1 July, all our obligations,” said Vesna Pusic, Croatia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs.

“Today it is an honour that we present the last European Commission monitoring report. That part of the job is now complete, but it is just the start on our way to the EU. Going into the EU is “work in progress”. We passed through what no other member state had to pass through to get in, although that sometimes bothered us, it was necessary,” said Croatian Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic, adding that he hopes Croatia will be ready to enter Schengen in another two and a half years.

So far 22 EU member states have ratified Croatia’s adhesion treaty, only Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Holland, and Slovenia need to give the green light which the Croatian government says is a formality.

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