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Epic Week in Croatia Part 3 Launched

Epic Week in Croatia (Photo: – Vis – Croatian National Tourist Board)

The Croatian Tourist Board has launched for the third edition of ‘Epic Week in Croatia’ on its Facebook, Twitter and Instagram social networks.

This year, the campaign offers up to 218 activities to create an ideal vacation. As part of the campaign, there are prizes, including the main prize of an unforgettable trip to Croatia.

The campaign encourages fans and potential tourists to create their dream vacation, which they can spend in Croatia. The goal of the campaign is to further position Croatia as a destination with a rich and wide offer where everyone can find something for themselves.

(Photo credit: Boris Kacan)

The ‘Epic Week’ campaign allows all participants to create their ideal vacation through a specially designed website that offers 218 activities and experiences. All participants have the option of selecting the top seven activities that make their dream vacation, and apart from activities, participants can also choose the locations, sights, cities and the tastes they want to experience and taste during their visit to Croatia.

All those who have selected the top seven activities are shared it on their profiles on social networks are eligible to enter the competition. Those participants whose posts have collected the largest number of likes go through to the final. The main prize is won by the person who has the best-argued description of why they deserve a trip to Croatia, and they will experience exactly the seven activities they selected for their dream vacation.

(Photo credit: Aleksandar Gospic)

“It’s a very successful campaign that offers something new in each new episode and achieves better results. In the first campaign, 101 activities were offered. In the second edition we created and offered 200 activities, and now in the third installment, we offer up to 218 activities that can be experienced in Croatian destinations. As part of our first campaign, we’ve reached nearly 13 million people and attracted more than 10,000 new social media fans. The second edition also had excellent results, reaching almost 40 million people, and more than 50,000 new fans started following Croatian Tourist Board on social media. We expect the third edition to go beyond all the results so far and thus contribute to Croatia’s position as an attractive destination with a rich offer, “said Croatian National Tourist Board Director Kristjan Staničić.

The campaign and prizes run until 23 May, and in early June it will be known who is the winner of the third edition of “Epic Week in Croatia”.

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