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Epic Christmas Lights Display Set to be Turned On



For the last 14 Christmases in a row the Salaj family home in Grabovnica near the central Croatian town of Čazma has been a major attraction…

Back in 2001 the Salaj family started their Božićna Priča (Christmas Tale) theme park when they decorated houses, trees and bridges over the ponds with an array of various Christmas lights.

The lights created a wonderful, fairytale ambiance, and have developed a large following with visitors coming from all over the country to see the lights.

Last Christmas a record 1.5 million bulbs were used to light up Božićna Priča, and this year they will go one step further with 1.8 million bulbs.
Božićna Priča’s lights this year will turn on on 5 December, and stay on until 9 January 2016. Božićna Priča will be open from 15:00 to 21:00 for visitors with entry fee 30 kuna (around 4 euros).

(photo/Božićna Priča Family Salaj Facebook)

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