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Ensemble LADO in Pula Arena for First Time


National Folk Dance Ensemble of Croatia LADO, the nation’s most successful cultural export product, will have their first solo performance in Pula Arena of Pula, one of the most important cultural monuments, to mark the European Year of Cultural Heritage next month.

LADO will perform at the famous Pula Arena on 6 July 2018 at 9 pm. On this special occasion LADO will present its innovative program ‘Ideju Regruti’.

Pula Arena (Photo: Diego Delso under CC)

The ensemble, which travels the world promoting Croatian culture, consists of over 35 dancers who also sing while they perform, and a group of musicians who play traditional and classical instruments.

(Photo credit: LADO)

(Photo: LADO)

Lado has had numerous famous Croatian ethnographers and choreographers, music arrangers, and folklorists work with them. The group, which was founded in 1949, was nominated a few years back for the prestigious Independent Music Award (IMA) in America.

LADO (Photo: LADO)

(Photo: LADO)

Tickets are available here.

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