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Energy Certificate Law for Rental Properties in Croatia to be Scrapped

Plans to scrap the new law

Plans to scrap the new law

The new Minister of Construction and Urban Planning, Lovro Kuščević, has announced before a government session on Wednesday that he will remove the new energy certificate law for rental properties, HRT reported…

The law, which came into effect on 1 January 2016, meant those renting or leasing out accommodation in Croatia were no longer able to do so without the property getting an energy certificate.

An energy certificate gives a property an energy efficiency rating from A+ (most efficient) to G (least efficient). A property can not fail an inspection, with the least efficient rating given in the worst case scenarios, The rating shows how efficient the property is in terms of energy and can help long-term renters in assessing monthly utility costs.

Kuščević has however announced that after consulting with the Ministry of Tourism the law will be scrapped.

“In the European Directive it does not state facts about certification of apartments for rent. We have examined the legal structure and the issues thoroughly, and have consulted with the Ministry of Tourism and a wide range of experts, and I’ve made my decision – we will terminate the certification of apartments law. My expert team is working on this decision, when it is done I’ll sign it and we will solve the dilemma about these certificates,” said Kuščević.

Obtaining an energy certificate for a property at the moment costs between 900 and 2,500 kuna (depending on size of the property ). Fines for not possessing one range from 5 to 30,000 kuna.

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