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EMAC Festival New Epicenter of Electronic Music & Arts in Rijeka

emA new fresh festival wind is in the Croatian air. 5 days of music, culture, friends and peace from the 21.05. to the 25.05.2015 in Rijeka…

The Electronic Music Audition Croatia and European Mixed Arts or short EMAC Festival is conceived by a number of global networks of friends and artists with the common objective to create a connection between visitors, natives and cultural institutions. This fusion of different types of art should function as a bridge, create a union between people of different origins and open their hearts to one another.

EMAC takes place in the stunning surroundings of Rijeka, a beautiful port city with many attractions along the Adriatic Sea. The festival is a long weekend (Pentecost) with numerous events in select spots with various international DJs- and live – performances and cultural activities.

From 21.05 to 25.05.2015 numerous exhibitions of young artists and students from throughout the Balkans and Europe will be held. A Short Film Festival is also planned.

The International Artist of the electronic music scene like Monkey Safary, Radio Slave, prosumer, Dj Hell, Detroit Swindle, Tiger&Woods, Re.You and many more. but also local musicians such as Ilija Rudman and Peter Dundov should invite a wide young subculture to the city

This mix of various arts should act as a bridge and unite people of different backgrounds together and beyond open their hearts to each other.

As a festival spot serves EMAC the Hartera, a Industriekompleks of a former paper mill in the center of Rijeka. Due to its close proximity to the city and the extraordinary space create the abandoned halls a special sound and a unique concert experience.

During the day, different platforms will be created and the visitors are offered various trips, as well as joyful social activities, exchange of international music, art, graphic design, media and film. Program, tickets, travel and accommodation details can be found at: www.ema-c.com or on fb: www.facebook.com/emacfestival

The Early Bird Tickets are available now from 89,00 € here


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