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Ecclestone: “I Am Not Dumb, I Speak English, Croatian And Italian

The heiress of billionaire Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone has slammed critics in the British Press who accuse her of being a spoilt brat with not too much upstairs.

“I’m not dumb. I’ve got four A levels and speak three languages, English, Croatian and Italian. I’ve raised more than £2 million for Great Ormond Street Hospital through an annual Formula 1 party I chair and other fund-raising events. When I visit Great Ormond Street I am just a lady bringing toys. That keeps me grounded”, said Ecclestone to Britain’s Daily Mail.

The 28-year-old daughter of Bernie and his ex-Croatian wife Slavica, said that despite growing up in a family of money, she still didn’t have it all her own way.

“I wasn’t given every toy I wanted. I had to earn my pocket-money by doing chores. I don’t want to rely on daddy’s money. He helps me with things like houses, but those are investments. I have my own bank account which I use for earnings from TV and modelling work. Spending your own money feels different. It’s a good feeling. It’s hard to trust people when you’re rich, though. I’m wary of most people. I trust my mum, dad and my sister, but can count the number of true friends on the fingers of one hand,” said the socialite who visits Croatia at least once a year with her sister Petra and mother.

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