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Earthquake Shakes Zagreb


An earthquake, measuring 2.9 on the Richter scale, has hit the Croatian capital last night…

“On 15 September 2015 at 20:41 the Seismological Service of the Republic of Croatia recorded a moderately strong earthquake with its epicenter in the city of Zagreb. The magnitude of the earthquake was 2.9 according to the Richter scale and the epicenter intensity IV-V (four or five) degrees on the Mercalli-Cancani-Sieberg scale. The quake was felt in the metropolitan area”, gfz.hr published.

The large shake and banging noise left citizens shaken across the city.

“We were in the cinema and the whole building started to shake. At first we though it was the 4D special effects, but then realised it was not. It lasted about 4 seconds and was quiet scary,” one reader explained to Croatia Week.

“All I heard was a big loud bang, then our building started to shake. I thought it was an explosion. We were left without power after it,” another reader explained.

No major injuries or damage had been reported as a result of last night’s earthquake.

Zagreb is no stranger to big earthquakes. In 1880 a 6.3 magnitude earthquake, known as The Great Zagreb earthquake, hit. Although only one person was killed in the earthquake, it destroyed or damaged many buildings.

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