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Earth Day focusing on climate action

Plitvice Lakes (Photo credit: Joshua Humpfer)

ZAGREB, April 22 (Hina) – The theme of this year’s Earth Day, which is observed on April 22 and in 2021 celebrates its 50th anniversary, is climate action.

The Croatian Ministry of Environment and Energy says that the topic of climate action is very important globally and particularly in Europe, considering that the European Commission at the end of 2019 presented the European Green Deal whereby the EU affirmed its commitment to facing climate and environmental challenges.

The European Green Deal is aimed at ensuring sustainable development and a green and just transition to enable Europe to become a climate neutral continent by 2050, the ministry recalls, noting that this requires joint action by all economic sectors and using all available resources.

Croatia has so far fulfilled all obligations regarding the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and it has been undertaking activities to reduce the impact of humans on climate and adapt to climate change, the ministry says.

On the occasion of Earth Day, the Green Action non-governmental organisation wonders how much everyone, notably governments, including Croatia’s, have done so far to protect the planet.

The NGO warns that in the current situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic, some projects and decisions have been relaunched that will have an adverse effect on the environment, such as the issuing of permits for the excavation of gravel and sand from the Drava River or a tender for the construction of the Prukljan golf course.

The NGO believes that the problem of plastic and medical waste, generated in the current pandemic, has revealed shortcomings of the waste management system and wonders how Zagreb will cope with the consequences of the March 22 earthquake and whether reconstruction will be in line with public interest, citizens’ safety and environmental standards.

Greenpeace Croatia has said that the coronavirus pandemic and the recent quake in Zagreb have shown how caring and brave people are and can be and how important some frequently neglected professions are, as well as how important it is to listen to scientists.

The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) calls on decision-makers to adopt ambitious and specific plans for a green and sustainable future. It says that humankind is faced with two crises – a medical crisis, caused by the coronavirus and a climate crisis, whose effects include a decline in biodiversity, and they both pose a threat to humankind.


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