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Dubrovnik’s world-famous cat passes away 

Dubrovnik’s most famous cat gets a home

Dubrovnik’s most famous passes away

The most famous cat in the Croatian city of Dubrovnik, which went viral after it was evicted from the 14th-century Rector’s Palace in the Old City where it spent its days, has passed away. 

Last year, more than 12,000 people signed a petition after 17-year-old stray cat Anastazija had her small wooden house removed from the palace when the museum said she would have to find another home and was not welcome there anymore. 

The cat’s specially-built wooden home, which blended into the architecture, was removed after the museum said it and her food and water bowls were an eyesore.

The cat had became a favourite of both local Dubrovnik residents and tourists over the years who often fed her and took photos of her.  

Whilst her home may have been removed, Anastazija still returned and was seen there over the summer but after being removed from the palace each morning and with winter approaching, she needed a new home and she found one thanks to a veterinarian from Dubrovnik who took her in.

Dubrovnik’s most famous cat gets a home

Anastažija in the palace

This week it was announced that Anastazija had sadly passed away.

A farewell letter was published on the cat’s Facebook page which said that anyone who knew Anastazija knew that she did not give up easily, but age and illness take their toll. 

“Neither Dubrovnik nor the whole world remembers such a story about a cat. From a Dubrovnik street cat, you became a world-famous cat on magazine covers. Everyone wrote only about you and your little house. You sparked a cat revolution. You will be missed by your people who have always been by your side, as well as many who have heard your story and met you on your walks,” the post read. 

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