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Dubrovnik Step Up Operation ‘Attract Chinese Tourists’

Dubrovnik (3)After visiting the southern Croatian island of Korčula, the claimed birthplace of famous Europe to China traveller Marco Polo, China’s Ambassador to Croatia Deng Ying was in Dubrovnik on Friday, where talks about a large Chinese Culture exhibition kicked off…

Dubrovnik Mayor Andro Vlahušić and Deng Ying have discussed Dubrovnik’s proposal to host a large Chinese festival in the city. The festival would exhibit Chinese art, music, cuisine and also provide an opportunity for business networking. Vlahušić says that not only would the showcase be one of the biggest in Croatia, but also in Europe.

Vlahušić and Deng Ying also talked about the introduction of a direct flight between Beijing and Dubrovnik. Around 400 million Chinese are expected to travel abroad in the future, with Croatia in the last 1-2 years already seeing marked growth of Chinese tourists.

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