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Dubrovnik named best cultural destination for 2019

Dubrovnik (Photo: Ivo Pervan/Croatian National Tourist Board)

14 DECEMBER 2018 – Dubrovnik has been named the best cultural destination for 2019 by readers of popular American travel magazine AFAR.

AFAR’s third annual Travelers’ Choice destinations awards saw more than 100,000 votes from readers recognising their top places to go in 2019. 

Dubrovnik won the most votes in the culture destination category. 

“To wander through Dubrovnik is to experience Croatia’s cultural history. See it in the UNESCO-listed Old City sector, where centuries-old baroque churches, Gothic palaces, and medieval walls stand. Hear it in the notes of traditional a capella klapa singing during the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, which marks 70 years in 2019. And feel it in the paintings by Croatian artists who grapple with the region’s recent past and present at the Museum of Modern Art and the seasonal gallery, War Photo Limited”, writes AFAR. 

Maui won the best destination for 2019 award, whilst best wellness destination for 2019 went to Bali. California’s Pacific Coast Highway was named best U.S. road trip, Machu Picchu best UNESCO site, Cuba best Caribbean island, and Bordeaux best wine region.  

“This award at the very end of the tourist year is an additional confirmation of the popularity of Dubrovnik, but also of Croatia as a whole on what is for us an extremely important and large American market. I would like to express my sincere congratulations to all tourists in Dubrovnik as well as to the citizens of this city, which for many tourists represents the main motive for coming to our country”, said Croatian Tourist Board director Kristjan Staničić. 

(Photo: Dubrovnik Tourist Board)

Staničić added that Croatia will intensely work on attracting more tourists from America in 2019 and will open an office in Los Angeles. 

From January to the end of November, a total of 580,000 tourists visited Croatia from America creating 1.6 million overnight stays, which is 23% and 18% more respectively than last year. 140,000 tourists from America visited Dubrovnik so far in 2018.

“As one of the most desirable destinations in Europe, Dubrovnik has won over numerous American tourists by combining history, culture, natural beauty, gastronomy and a mild Mediterranean climate”, said Ina Rodin, director of the Croatian Tourist Board in New York.


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