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Dubrovnik Marks 24th Anniversary of Bombing Today



The southern Dalmatian city of Dubrovnik today is marking the 24th anniversary of the bombing which destroyed parts of its historic centre…

Wreaths will be laid at cemeteries on Thursday in memory of those who lost their lives when the city was attacked by Serbian aggressors on this day 24 years ago.

The Siege of Dubrovnik kicked off at around 6:00am on 1 October 1991 when the Yugoslav Army (JNA) started their advance on the territory between the Pelješac and Prevlaka peninsulas on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. The JNA attacks and bombardment of Dubrovnik, including the Old Town – a UNESCO World Heritage Site – culminated on 6 December 1991 with 417 troops and close to 100 civilians killed. 2,127 homes were burnt in the Dubrovnik county, with 7,771 people left homeless.


Dubrovnik's famous centre

Dubrovnik’s famous centre


Dubrovnik peaceful today

Dubrovnik peaceful today

The bombardment provoked a strong international condemnation of the JNA and became a public relations disaster for Serbia and Montenegro, contributing to their diplomatic and economic isolation and international recognition of the independence of Croatia. A mass service will be held in honour of the victims tonight in Dubrovnik.

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