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Dubrovnik Half Marathon – More Than a Race!


Dubrovnik half marathon

The very first edition of Dubrovnik Half Marathon attracted runners from 34 countries and 5 continents. It was instantly recognized as one of the most successful and most professionally organized Croatian races, becoming a smashing hit on the global calendar of race events…

DUBROVNIK, 2016 – “We had the opportunity to be a part of an amazing race, in a breathtaking city, at the other end of the world!“ – said American runner Michele Crim, openly expressing her enthusiasm after finishing the 2015 edition of Dubrovnik Half Marathon.

Michele is just one of many runners – from 34 world countries and 5 continents – who participated at the first edi:on of Dubrovnik Half Marathon. In record time, the youngest race in Croatia attracted the attention of international running public, becoming a hot spot on the map of world’s long-distance races.

“This event is a result of a longstanding collaboration between Dubrovnik and its twin city of Monterey, California. ‘More than a race’ is a motto which promotes both sport and healthy lifestyle, all within the spectacular milieu and scenery of the ancient city of Dubrovnik“, says Alen Bošković, the race director, who got acclaimed as ‘the director of the year’ at the last Event Director Conference held at Portland Marathon.


This year, Dubrovnik Half Marathon organizers again invite all the runners who are ready to test their strength, technique and speed within the historical scenery of one of the most beautiful Mediterranean locations, enlisted as the UNESCO World Heritage. Runners are invited to schedule the May-Day weekend and register for the second edition of Dubrovnik Half Marathon that will take place on May 1st 2016.

Though most important, Dubrovnik Half Marathon is but one of the races featured at “Du Motion – Dubrovnik Runners’ Days”. It is a comprehensive two-days international sport event which also includes a challenging “Run the Wall“ race that is run along the ancient Dubrovnik walls, a short children “Kids’ Day” races held at Dubrovnik’s main street of Stradun, and a humanitarian citizens’ “5K-Fun Run” race.

Besides attending this top-grade sport event, runners will have the opportunity to visit “Du Motion Expo” – fair that will showcase sports equipment, along with the autochthonous products of Dubrovnik region. In order to provide an unforgettable tourist experience, organizers ensured all of the registered runners get a free entry to the Dubrovnik Walls and city museums, free public transportation and special accommodation offers.


This is a unique chance to run in King’s Landing, one of the main filming locations of the globally popular TV series Game of Thrones, that was filmed in Dubrovnik throughout several seasons. And if you’re not familiar with this popular fantasy world, Dubrovnik has a very real and rich history, bound to fascinate everyone. These are just some of the reasons why many established world media regularly include Dubrovnik on their must-visit-in-your-lifetime lists. And now, by the merit of Dubrovnik Half Marathon, this ancient city became the location of one of the world’s must-participate races!

So, open your calendar and mark April 30th and May 1st 2016. as your Dubrovnik Runners’ Days!

For more info visit the official page here.

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