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Dubrovnik Airport sets new passenger record

Record year at Dubrovnik Airport (Photo: Dubrovnik Airport/Facebook)

DUBROVNIK, 15 December 2018 – Dubrovnik Airport will end 2018 with more than 2.54 million passengers passing through it, which is a new record. 

More than 2.54 million passengers in 2018 represents growth for the airport of 9.5% from last year, with Dubrovnik Airport managing director Frano Luetić expecting an increase in 2019 of 4.6%. 

Luetić told a press conference yesterday that revenues in 2018 are expected to reach 415.3 million kuna, which is 16.3% more than last year.

“The year was tough and turbulent but our plan for 10% growth was basically realised. We have always had double-digit growth and this year was above the global average and we are proud of that,” Luetić said. 

Dubrovnik Airport expects the largest growth to come from flights from western and central Europe, especially the UK, France, Holland, Norway, Sweden, Poland and the Czech Republic. 

2019 will also see for the United States and Dubrovnik connected. 

“After 28 years, for the first time, Croatia and the United States will be connected with Dubrovnik – Philadelphia. American Airlines is the biggest airline in the world, employing 150,000 people with 950 planes at their disposal. Dubrovnik will be connected three times weekly from June until the end of September with their Boeing 767 with business and economy class,” Luetić said. 

Among others, there has been an announcement that Ryanair will launch flights to Dubrovnik from Dublin, whilst flydubai will continue to operate services to Dubrovnik. 

In 2019, there will be 65 and 70 airline companies operating at Dubrovnik Airport. 

The second phase of the 225-million euros Dubrovnik Airport development also started this month and will continue through until 15 May 2019, in time for the tourist season. 

(Dubrovnik Airport)

During the construction works, which includes a runway and taxiway overhaul, the regular winter schedule shall be executed with minor limitations.

Other additions include the construction of two new rapid exit taxiways, the expansion of the western apron, as well as the construction of a new commercial aviation apron on the western side, a new east apron for general aviation, a small general aviation terminal and the development of aircraft maintenance and operation facilities, in addition to hangars.

(Dubrovnik Airport)

The airport will also build a housing area with its own maintenance and operations premises for domestic operators and a new aviation fuel tank, including an underground pit system for fuel filling, two internal gas stations and solar systems.

Furthermore, it will reconstruct the substation and facades to attain energy-efficiency. All construction work is scheduled for completion in 2020

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