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Drop in Public Transport Prices for Croatian Capital Commuters

zgtamsPrices of bus and tram tickets in the Croatian capital are set to drop later this month, city Mayor Milan Bandić announced on Friday. Bandić also denied rumours that penalties for riding without a ticket would jump from 200 kuna (25 EUR) to 900 kuna (120 EUR) as reported by local media during the week.

“There will be no increase in fines, I stopped that,” said the Mayor, before adding that prices  of tickets would drop from between 25 and 33% from 26 September. Currently one-way daily tickets cost 15 kuna (2 EUR) when purchased on buses or trams, 12 kuna (1.60 EUR) at kiosks, and 10 kuna (1.15 EUR) on-line. Night tickets are more expensive – 15 kuna on-line, 20 kuna at kiosks and 25 kuna on the bus or tram. Zagreb has had a big problem for a long time with commuters riding for free without buying tickets. Bandić announced earlier that the number of controllers would be beefed up consideribly in the crack down and he has lowered ticket prices after being bombarded with complaints about the high prices.

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