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‘Dream Job’ Vacancy Filled

11_id563A keen alpinist from Ivanec in Zagorje has landed what many consider to be the current dream job in Croatia…

Zoran Stanko will be paid nearly 3-times the average salary in Croatia to literally watch the grass. Before Stanko gets too excited, the job is only short-term.

Zoran Stanko (pic: Facebook)

Zoran Stanko (pic: Facebook)

Zoran, who beat off a lot of interest from all over the region to get the job, will be paid 1,000 euros to ‘look’ after a robotic lawnmower as it cuts grass unaided for two weeks. The passionate alpinist and politics graduate signed the contract for the ‘grass-carers’ job in Zagreb yesterday. Zoran showed his great sense of humour at the interview, which help land him the job.

“Ever since I was young I was taught that you need to take great care and look after the backyard, lawn and orchards. I hate droughts and I love the rain. I hate moles but love earthworms. My first toy was a lawnmower. I think watching grass should be an Olympic sport,” jokes Stanko.

Husqvarna's robotic Automower®

Husqvarna’s robotic Automower®

Stanko will be tasked with watching Husqvarna’s robotic Automower® cut grass from 29 June to 12 July at Zagreb’s Jarun, and promote the product on the company’s social media accounts.

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