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Drama At Hajduk Split FC: A Step Away From The End

Famous troubled Croatian football club Hajduk Split are just a step away from going bust. The Split City Council today refused to give a guarantee for a loan of 30 million kuna (4 million euros), thus putting the club in a hopeless situation. Seven councilors voted in favor, five were against and there were seven abstentions.

“I am shocked and suprised by the level of discussion and the councilors conclusions. I hope they are aware of their decision. There is no way out for Hajduk, the club will most probably go into bankruptcy,” said Hajduk Split’s disappointed president Marin Brbic.

Going into bankruptcy would mean Hajduk Split FC would cease to exist, which would result in the club being thrown out of all club competitions, including the Croatian National League and all European competitions, reported 24sata.

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