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Dominik Kucek Officially Croatia’s Fittest Solider

Dominik Kucek has the right to call himself the fittest soldier in Croatia after coming out trumps after grueling testing on Saturday during a competition to find Croatia’s fittest soldier.

‘The course was pretty intense, and experience was they key as it was all about orientation,” said Kucek, who also won the title back in 2001. Kucek won a HS 2000 pistol for his efforts.

The gruelling course consisted of running for a full nine hours, rowing, walking across tight rope, shooting and carrying wounded soldiers. Participants had to carry 30kgs worth of equipment, clothing and weapons on their backs on the 39 kilometers course. Mistakes were also punished, for every bomb that was thrown and missed its target there were five-minute penalties.

The testing was held near Djakovo in eastern Croatia and it was the first competition of its kind since 2003.

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