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Doctor praises Zagreb residents for exemplary behaviour in obeying restrictions

Alemka Markotic (Photo: HINA/ Dario GRZELJ/ dag)

ZAGREB, March 23 (Hina) – The head of Zagreb’s Fran Mihaljevic Infectious Diseases Hospital, Alemka Markotic, said on Monday afternoon that the citizens of Zagreb “earned straight As for their behaviour” in following the protective measures against the coronavirus during the day.

“What we could see is that there were very few people in the streets and when in lines, they kept a proper distance. I believe that we will now start a positive competition where every town in Croatia will compete for the title of best in implementing measures,” Markotic stated for the Croatian National Television’s main news programme.

However, she was worried about “particular information about people still organising private parties and private get-togethers”.

“Coffee shops are closed, and people are organising private coffee shops at home, which endangers all of us. I call on people to be patient, and we can have a cup of coffee with friends over the phone or on the internet,” Markotic noted.

Markotic also commented on the consequences of the earthquake for the Fran Mihaljevic Infectious Diseases Hospital. “For the present time, two administrative and one hospital room had to be closed, and all other areas are fit for use and our patients were settled back in their rooms,” Markotic pointed out.

She also thanked the government, ministers Vili Beros of health and Damir Krsticevic of defence , the City of Zagreb, and the Civil Protection Authority for their quick response in the wake of yesterday’s events.

“They all came to our hospital very quickly, they brought containers, tents,” Markotic said.

No scientific verification of claims for use of Sumamed in COVID-19 treatment

Markotic also commented on claims that Sumamed, an anti-inflammatory drug produced by Pliva pharmaceutical company, could be used in treating the coronavirus.

“Sumamed is a product of the Croatian know-how and efforts. It is an excellent medicine, and due to its anti-bacterial quality it can partially modulate the immune system. That is its additional quality. In the last few days, stories have appeared that it could have a positive effect in treating the coronavirus. It could act in an anti-inflammatory manner, however, those claims are still scientifically unsubstantiated. In any case, additional research will be conducted,” the doctor said.

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