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Discover the beauty of Lokrum Island: New commemorative stamps celebrate Croatian treasure

Commemorative Stamps Showcase Lokrum Island's Treasures

New commemorative stamps showcase Croatian treasure (Croatian Post)

Croatian Post will release new commemorative postage stamps from the series “Croatian Tourism” on June 12, 2023. This year’s stamps depict the beautiful island of Lokrum – an aerial view of the island and the summer residence of Maximilian with its gardens. 

The author of the commemorative stamps is Ariana Noršić, a designer from Samobor, and the individual stamp has a nominal value of 1.14 euros. The stamps are issued in sheets of 10 stamps, and a first-day cover (FDC) is also available.

(Croatian Post)

(Croatian Post)

Lokrum Island, a special reserve of forest vegetation covering an area of 72 hectares, has been protected as a special reserve of forest vegetation since 1948, according to the Nature Protection Act, and is the third oldest protected area in Croatia. 

The island’s fundamental phenomenon is the forest vegetation that covers about 90 percent of its surface. The entire island of Lokrum, including the adjacent sea area about 150 meters from the coast, is part of the “Natura 2000” ecological network – a conservation area important for species and habitat types. 

The area of Lokrum Island is also an integral part of the historical core of the city of Dubrovnik, with its city walls, fortresses, and moat, and is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

(Croatian Post)

The largest and most important cultural monument on Lokrum Island is the Benedictine Monastery of Saint Mary, which houses a Renaissance and Romanesque cloister. Today, the only authentic remains of the cultivated plantations of the Benedictine Abbey on Lokrum are the traditional olive groves, which provide a perfect place for relaxation during the hot summer months. With the arrival of Archduke Maximilian of Habsburg, the monastery was expanded and converted into a summer residence, and the garden areas around the monastery were designed in the style of a more recent period of historical, garden, and landscape design.

Every building on Lokrum Island is a cultural monument, with notable examples being the Royal Fortress, Lokrum Lazaretto, Lugareva House, and Charlotte’s Well. 

(Croatian Post)

One of the island’s important inherited cultural values is the botanical garden, which was established for the study of the adaptation of tropical and subtropical plant species to our climate. 

During the period when the island is open to visitors, various cultural events and educational workshops are held there. The island is particularly impressive with its well-preserved nature, which can be truly experienced by walking along numerous forest trails.

(Croatian Post)

Arrival and departure from the island are organized by the vessels of the Public Institution “Lokrum Reserve” from April to November, the Public Institution “Lokrum Reserve”, writes.


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