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Cycle and win rewards

Discover Bikademy study in Šibenik: 
Cycle and win rewards

Discover Bikademy study in Šibenik: 
Cycle and win rewards


Bikademy, an innovative cyclotourism product, is now available in Croatian town of Šibenik. It promotes cities and regions as desirable cyclotourism destinations for cycling lovers and heritage explorers.  

Bikademy consists of a website and a free mobile app. Everyone that registers on the app becomes a Bike Student and receives a list of Studies. The Study represents a certain region or a city. Every Study has several Exams or locations of cultural and natural importance.

To pass the Exam, Bike Student needs to cycle to every Exam, make a selfie and upload it to the app. After passing every Exam of a chosen Study, Bike Student receives a reward from Bikademy’s general sponsor, GIANT Croatia.  

Šibenik, the newest Bikademy Study, consists of seven Exams: The Wall of Ostrica, Sibenik Bridge, Barone and St Nicholas’ Fortress, Šibenik Centre, Martinska and Jadrija Beach.  

This coastal town is rich in cultural and historical sights. The Cathedral of St. James and the St. Nicholas’ fortress are even inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Thus, it’s an unavoidable destination for every explorer, traveler and cycling lover. So many gems to discover.

Bikademy is also a great tool for bike&beds, as well as other stakeholders in cyclotourism. It is interesting to the public administration and the tourist boards because it promotes cities and regions in an interactive, fun and educational way, and adds value to the tourist offer of the destination. 

Bikademy Studies are available throughout Croatia and in Berlin, and soon in some other European countries as well. Šibenik Study launch was co-financed by the Ministry of Tourism and Sport of the Republic of Croatia. 

See in the 1-minute video below what’s so magical about cycling Šibenik Study.  

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