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Dinosaur-themed Paleo Park opens in Istria

Paleo Park (Photo: Mon Perin)

28 May 2019 – A new dinosaur-themed water park has officially opened on Sunday in Istria. 

The new Paleo Park, located near the famous paleontological sites in the Mon Perin campsite in Bale, is a combination of a theme water amusement park and an educational facility which will promote this archaeological site on the coastline of Bale. 

The 16,200m2 water park features a dinosaur-shaped pool, relax pool, children’s pool, family pool, hydromassage pool, hot baths, jacuzzi, indoor restaurant, covered outdoor bar area, sunbathing area and a souvenir shop. There are also various-sized replica dinosaur models around the park showcasing the fascinating history of dinosaurs. 

Paleo Park (Photo: Mon Perin)

“Dinosaur bones, including a back vertebra of Histriasaurus, the world’s oldest known member of the strange sauropod (long-necked plant-eating dinosaur) group Rebbachisauridae, were found in the Bay of Colona in Bale in 1992. Remains of meat-eating dinosaurs and a large sauropod related to the giant Brachiosaurus have been discovered as well,” the park states. 

This amazing discovery put Bale on the World List of Paleontological Sites at the World Congress of Paleontologists in Beijing in 1995.

Paleo Park (Photo: Mon Perin)

As far as is known, Bale is the only site in the world to preserve the fossils of these extinct reptiles under the sea. Dinosaur fossils at Bale are about 130 million years old.

Including species known from footprints found elsewhere in Istria, at least ten dinosaur species are believed to have lived in the area.  

Paleo Park (Photo: Mon Perin)

The park will focus on educating youngsters by establishing co-operation with kindergartens and primary and secondary schools, thus enabling them to find out more about this unique site by taking a walk though the theme park.

Paleo Park (Photo: Mon Perin)

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