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Dinner in the Sky® Back in Croatia in 2017

Photo taken from Dinner in the sky in Zagreb (photo credit: ©KovaZg photography/Dinner in the Sky)

Dinner in the Sky® will once again be making its way back to Croatia during its 2017 European tour.

Zagreb will play host from 22-26 June 2017 to the novelty restaurant service which uses a crane to hoist its 22 diners, table, and waiting staff 50 metres into the air.

This unique event, which Forbes magazine called one of the world’s ten most unusual restaurants, will once again take place in Zagreb after visiting the capital for the first time in 2014.

A host of delicacies will be prepared by top chefs from around Croatia.

You can book your Dinner in the Sky® place from 5 various packages.

Brunch in the Sky – (Chef’s brunch menu, soft drinks, coffee or tea, sparkling wine – time in the sky – 40 mins) – 39.00 €

Lunch in the Sky –  (3 course lunch menu, white wine, red wine, beer, time in the sky – 40 mins) – 59.00 €

Champagne in the Sky –  (champagne, snacks, water, time in the sky – 20 mins) – 34.00 €

Dinner in the Sky – (4 course dinner menu, soft drinks, sparkling wine, white wine, red wine, beer, during the dinners, in the evening session, the “chef of the day” will personally join the guests at the height of 50 meters to serve and talk about his food and menu, time in the sky – 60 mins) – 89.00 €

Cocktail in the Sky –  (Alcoholic or non alcoholic cocktail, snack, water, time in the sky – 25 mins) – 29.00 €

More info on the official website here.

Dinner over Zagreb

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