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Dinamo Zagreb Executive Director Zdravko Mamić Resigns

Zdravko Mamić

Zdravko Mamić

Zdravko Mamić has resigned from his position of Executive Director of Croatian football champions Dinamo Zagreb…

Mamić, who is being investigated for embezzlement and tax evasion by authorities, told a press conference on Tuesday that he is no longer Executive Director of the club.

“From today I am no longer the Executive Director of Dinamo Zagreb,” he told reporters, before adding.

“At Dinamo there was no professional players until I arrived in 2000. The club was in financial problems, the club had 100 court proceedings against them in 2000. I arrived and saved the club by pumping in my own money. I cleared the club from debt, from court proceedings and lifted the club and infrastructure,” Mamić said flanked by his legal team.

Mamić, who says that over 300 million euros have been invested in the club in the past decade, will now take up an advisory role for the club.

He would not answer reporters questions.

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