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Dinamo Zagreb Boss: “European Clubs Stealing Our Kids for Cheap”

CroatiaThe Executive Director of Croatian football champions Dinamo Zagreb is concerned that Croatia’s young talent will be snapped up cheaply by European clubs….

“A dark cloud hangs over Croatian sport,” said Zdravko Mamić as he began a press conference on Wednesday at the club’s headquarters, before continuing.

“UEFA discriminate because a 16 year-old player can sign a contract. Then, just when you prepare them they are off… and more and more players will leave for a pittance. 80 percent of them will fail, and It’s sad,”

“Clubs from Italy’s Serie C will buy our players…(Igor) Tudor has spoken about this too, average clubs are poaching Hajduk Split and Dinamo kids for little money. In Croatia 90% of managers (agents) ‘chicken farmers’, their interest is to sell the kids and take the money for themselves. Look what Chelsea do, they take kids from around Europe, what will happen is 80% will fail, Chelsea don’t care, they have money,” said Mamić, who pleaded for solidarity from the football journalists in Croatia.

“You will not have anyone to write about soon.” said Dinamo’s boss.

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