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Dear Tourists, Google the Word ‘Bura’. Seriously…

Biokovo mountain

The Croatian Mountain Rescue Service (CMRS), who do an amazing job each year rescuing and keeping people safe all over Croatia, have issued their pre-season warning for tourists.

CMRS, who last won the Communicator of the Year award for their communication and humour on social media, are again urging tourists to be careful whilst out enjoying Croatia’s beautiful nature. Here is their letter of advice in full:

Dear Tourists, Welcome to Croatia.

We are the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service (CMRS). Google it. You might need us. We hope not.

During your visit here, especially if you prefer to spend your time in nature (and in Croatia, we have that, big time! And it is Great! Huge! Greatest ever!) we would like you to pay attention to a few things as it follows.

– The air is clean, the sky is blue, the sea is great, mountains are high and then you get lost. Who you gonna call? 112 (emergency number in Croatia) and not Ghostbusters.

– As much as we appreciate you, and we hope that you do it yourself, please do not overestimate your skills. Do so usually starts the ‘shit hit the fan’ situation and then we end up driving you home. Sounds like a love song, but it is not. We’d prefer that you enjoyed your holidays without us.

– The moment you put your flip-flops on your feet, hiking mode is off. Trust us on this one.

– If your going hiking make sure your mobile is fully charged and do not waste it unnecessarily. You can tweet about what you saw when you finally come back to the Point of your departure.

– Water means life. Hydrate. Think about it.

– Doing selfies on the edge of the cliff can be the last thing you did before you figure out that a fall is a flight as well. Please, you do look great, but go easy on those selfies. You do not need them that much.

– If you think you might be in trouble out there on the mountain or in any other part of Croatia, you probably are. Do not hesitate to ask for help. Our ERS (Emergency Respond Units) such as CMRS will help you. But, the thing is, we are not mind readers. We tried and it is not working. So, use your phone when in trouble. #112. Remember!

– Google Bura. Seriously. Google it.

Have a great stay in Croatia and stay safe so you can come back next year.

Yours sincerely,


Sound advice!

(photo: CMRS)

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