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Deal Signed for Volkswagen up! Vehicles for Zagreb Cars-Sharing Project


Matija Krznar, Director of Urban Mobility and Vedran Prasnikar, CEO of Porsche Inter Auto in Zagreb, have signed a contract for the delivery of 30 Volkswagen up! vehicles to be used in the car sharing project Spin City…

Spin City car sharing, a service that will allow the Zagreb community to share vehicles to drive around the city and its surroundings, will start in the spring.

Spin City will have 30 Volkswagen up! vehicles, which will include 10 electric cars, at the public’s disposal located around the city. The vehicles will be delivered to Zagreb by next spring when the project kicks off.

With the use of modern technology, the concept integrates economics with modern green economy. Through such a defined system, Spin City customers will be able to rent a vehicle just as much as they need, without the cost of ownership and its maintenance.

“When designing the car sharing services Spin City were focused on practical and reliable city cars, which we have recognized in Porsche Inter Auto’s offer. It is very important to us that the fleet contains a greater proportion of electric vehicles based on the available infrastructure of charging.


With a third of the fleet being electric cars, Spin City will make Zagreb among the leading European cities with lowest levels of carbon dioxide emissions per car sharing vehicle, providing a significant benefit to the environment.

“Ware pleased that the Porsche Inter Auto was among the first to recognize our idea and we believe that the agreed cooperation will enable the achievement of common interests with all appropriate values ​​that this project brings, “said Matija Krznar, Director of Urban Mobility which started the Spin City project.

Users will be able to locate the nearest vehicle via their smart phones, which will also be used to unlock the vehicles. All one has to do is register on Spin City’s website (spincity.hr) to be able to access the cars to use. Users will be charged 2.62 kuna per minute driving.

Among the main advantages of Spin City car sharing include:

Go where and whenever you want at no cost to you as the owner of the vehicle – no maintenance costs, parking, insurance, registration, taxes, cleaning…

No paperwork nor the administration hassle that comes with classical rent-a-cars.

Car sharing is environmentally friendly because it reduces environmental pollution and minimizes the traffic of passenger cars.

Car sharing improves the quality of life in cities.



(photo credit/spincity)

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