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Day 2: 3rd Croatian World Club Championships – Zagreb


photo credit: Drago Sopta

There were wins for Croatia Stuttgart from Germany and Vojvođanski Hrvati from Serbia, whilst Croatia Canberra (Australia) and Croatia Malmö (Sweden) shared the points on the second day of action at the 3rd Croatian World Football Club Championships in Zagreb yesterday…

In Group A Vojvođanski Hrvati beat France’s Croatia Villefranche 3-1, whilst in Group B matches Croatia Stuttgart beat Pajde Möhlin (Switzerland) 2-0, and Croatia Canberra and Croatia Malmö played out a 0-0 draw.

Organized by the Croatian Football Federation in cooperation with the Croatian Heritage Foundation and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Croatia, the tournament features clubs from the Croatian diaspora.


photo credit: Drago Sopta


Group A: Toronto Croatia (CANADA), Croatia Villefranche (FRANCE), Vojvođanski Hrvati (SERBIA), Sydney United 58 (AUSTRALIA)


28 June (17:30) Toronto Croatia 5 – Sydney United 58 2 – (Stadium NK Hrvatski dragovoljac)
29 June (18:30) Croatia Villefranche 1– Vojvođanski Hrvati 3 – (Stadium NK Hrvatski dragovoljac)
1 July (16:00) Vojvođanski Hrvati – Sydney United 58 – (Stadium NK Inter Zaprešić)
1 July (19:30) Toronto Croatia – Croatia Villefranche – (Stadium NK Inter Zaprešić)
2 July (16:30) Vojvođanski Hrvati – Toronto Croatia – (Stadium NK Lučko)
2 July (16:30) Sydney United 58 – Croatia Villefranche – (Stadium NK Rudeš)

Group B: Canberra (AUSTRALIA), Croatia Stuttgart (GERMANY), Pajde Möhlin (SWITZERLAND), Croatia Malmö (SWEDEN)


29 June (16:30) Canberra 0 – Croatia Malmö 0 – (Stadium NK Sesvete)
29 June (18:30) Croatia Stuttgart 2 – Pajde Möhlin 0 – (Stadium NK Sesvete)
1 July (16:30) Pajde Möhlin – Croatia Malmö – (Stadium NK Velika Gorica)
1 July (18:30) Canberra – Croatia Stuttgart – (Stadium NK Velika Gorica)
2 July (18:30) Pajde Möhlin – Canberra – (Stadium NK Lučko)
2 July (18:30) Croatia Malmö – Croatia Stuttgart – (Stadium NK Rudeš)

The final of the tournament will be played on 4 July at Sesvete stadium at 6pm.

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