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Dalmatian Mayor Gives Brits An Ultimatum

Move you dross or I’ll take it up with the Ministry. That is the ultimatum frustrated Mayor of Dugi Rat in Croatia has issued to British fund Landmark Property Management.

Jerko Roglic, Mayor of the Dalmatian coastal town of Dugi Rat, has lost his patience over an area of land that he says is both an eyesore and a potential danger to the environment. The large area of land in question was brought six years ago by British fund Landmark Property Management. The motive for purchasing the land has remained unknown to this day, talks of building a luxury hotel on the site have never eventuated and now the site is home to potentially dangerous dross.

Landmark Property Management are currently in battle with the Croatian government and as a result they got rid of more than one hundred employees who were working on restoration, leaving the site and Roglic in limbo. Roglic’s attempts to contact the British fund have been to no avail.

“I sent a letter asking them about their plans for Dugi Rat. They have not been here for some time, and no one is even responding to my calls. The citizens have a right to protest because the current situation, with all this potentially dangerous dross is unsustainable ,” says Roglic, adding that his next call will be to the Croatian Ministry of Construction and the Ministry of enviroment, reported newspaper Slobodna Dalmacija.

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