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Dalmapolis – Creating an Adriatic Metropolis

Split (screenshot)

Leading Croatian architect Nikola Bašić has come up with a recipe for he says will give Croatia ‘urban balance’.

With the capital Zagreb the nation’s formal metropolis, Bašić is proposing the formation of new urban, economic and social formation in three towns on the Dalmatian coast – Zadar, Šibenik and Split – which has already titled – Dalmapolis.

Bašić is internationally known for two noteable landmarks in Zadar – the conception of the famous Sea Organ, and the Greeting to the Sun (Pozdrav suncu), which is located metres away on Zadar’s promenade.

Sea Organ in Zadar (photo credit: croatia.hr)

Bašić’s vision is for Dalmapolis to be the metropolis of the Adriatic. He believes his three projects – ‘Vrata Zadra’ (Zadar), ‘Šibenska okomica’ (Šibenik) and ‘Splitorina’ (Split) – will create a powerful axis, around which could kick-start development for all of Croatia.

Vrata Zadra – Zadar

This project is focused on the underused and neglected areas of Ravnice and the Forte fortress which have great potential.

Šibenska okomica – Šibenik

This project aims to to connect all of Šibenik’s attractions, including the historic center, the Cathedrals, and all the fortresses of the fortification system in Šibenik, without the use of existing conventional transport infrastructure.

Splitorina – Split

The Splitorina project focuses on ports around the Poljud bay area. Splitorina includes new nautical, tourism and passenger port and cruiser home port facilities, but also significant new club, sports and municipal berth facilities.

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