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‘Čvarci’ Win Superior Taste Award in Brussels

facebookAround 20 Croatian food products have been awarded the “Superior Taste Award” in Brussels by the International Taste & Quality Institute…

Among the Croatian food products awarded last night in Belgium were čvarci. Once a cheap rustic countryside specialty, the Croatian pork scratching have now become an expensive delicacy. Preparation of čvarci involves melting the lard. Lard is cut in blocks of about one inch (2 cm) in size and slowly fried in their own fat. Milk may be added at this point in order to obtain the caramel colour. Process lasts until all fat melts away and only a kind of tough crispy pork rind remains.

iTQi – based in Brussels, is a world leading organization dedicated to testing and promoting superior food and drinks. The awards are based on 60 chefs and 60 sommeliers blind testing around 1,300 food products.

Companies will be able to use the “Superior Taste Award” as a marketing tool for the next 3 years.


Croatian products awarded “Superior Taste Awards” in Brussels last night:

Badel 1862 d.d. – Korlat Aronija Liqueur
Belje d.d. – ABC fresh cream cheese
Carlsberg Croatia – Pan lager, Pan benz
Frelimo – Pork lard
Frelimo – čvarci
Kandit d.o.o. – Kandit Prestige Dragee: Cocoa, Almond and Hazelnut chocolate
Podravka d.d. – Ajvar hot
Podravka d.d. – Ajvar mild
Podravka d.d. – Asparagus cream soup
Podravka d.d. – Dolcela Gourmet Chocolate pudding with orange pieces
Podravka d.d. – Dolcela Gourmet Vanilla pudding with strawberry peaces
Podravka d.d. – Fant for stuffed pepers
Podravka d.d. – Fant mix for fine goulash
Podravka d.d. – Fant mix for fine stew
Podravka d.d. – Lino Choco drink
Podravka d.d. – Lino wafelada duo
Podravka d.d. – Liver pate
Podravka d.d. – Mushrooms cream soup
Podravka d.d. – Podravka Tea Lemon-lime
Podravka d.d. – Pumpkin cream soup
Podravka d.d. – Studena Natural Spring water
Podravka d.d. – Vegeta Asia
Podravka d.d. – Vegeta marinade with beer

(photo / Facebook)

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