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Curic Twins Unite Fashion & Environment to Create New Designs

Marija and Ivan Curic

New York-based Croatian fashion designers Marija and Ivan Curic have launched another project connecting fashion with an honorable cause.

Curic & Curic is a new fashion brand uniting fashion and the environment to create new designs.

C&C are identical twin sisters from Croatia, who after modeling and working in fashion, started their own eco-friendly fashion line called Curic&Curic.

C&C’s main concern while designing is to minimize the waste. The Curic twins did an extensive research what would be the best way to help the industry, but still design unique pieces?!

After learning the fact that the clothing industry is the second largest polluter in the world…second only to the oil industry, the Curic twins decided to recycle old denim and leather pieces and make it new.


How does it work?

It is simple, send them your old denim or leather item, pick the wanted design and they will send you a brand new design.

Every design is unique and handcrafted with eco-friendly and recycled materials by their team.

“Our team spends hours working on each item. The supposed waste is a new material,” Marija Curic, Creative Director and Co-Founder of C&C, says.

C&C worked with famous WWE wrestler Brie Bella “The Bella Twins” and designed a unique Eco-Friendly jacket for her daughter Birdie Joe.

“Let us preserve your denim,” adds Co-Founder Ivana Curic.

C&C worked with Blogger What Lola Likes and came up with a design for her and her daughter Vivienne.

For more details, you visit their website curic.online


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