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Cult Croatian Retro Commercials at 25th CFD


Advertising films from the Zagreb School of Animation will screen in the Side Program of the 25th Croatian Film Days (CFD)…

Selected by Željko Luketić, Artistic Director of the 25th CFD, Commercials from Zagreb Film is one of the must-see side programs at the 25th CFD.

Advertising film first appeared in Croatia in 1954, two years before Zagreb Television, now Croatian Radiotelevision, began broadcasting. In the early days of advertising film, its primary screening venue was the film theater. Later, that role was taken over by public television, which finally popularised the form.


Not only was Zagreb Film among the pioneer productions of advertising film, but their work shows an exceptional aesthetic quality as well; unfortunately, only a fragment of the material remains saved and digitalised. The films will be screened at the 25th CFD as a collective work from the Zagreb studio. Its members – authors of these films – are not only masters of animation, but of commissioned film as well: Milan Blažeković, Borivoj Dovniković, Vladimir Delač, Zlatko Grgić, Nedeljko Dragić, Dušan Vukotić, Aleksandar Marks, Vladimir Jutriša, Branko Ilić, Boris Kolar, and Zlatko Pavlinić.

The selection of old commercials will include numerous famous advertisements: Kraš cocoa (Honeymoons in Space), Mega Zagreb pants zipper (Metal Ware), Nutricin 20 (Strength and Health), Agrokoka (Mighty Egg), Kraš candy “505” (Children’s Joy), Filmska Revija magazine (A Visit from Space), Franck coffee (Blind Mouse), Musical TV-helicopter (Opening titles), Zvečevo chocolate (A Trip to Mexico), Kraš cookies for a modern housewife, Eva sardines, Zdenka caloric cheeses (It’s Time for Zdenka), Borovo (Saving with Borovo), “Standard konfekcija” clothing (Become Interesting), Leut Magnetik (For Your Magnetic Attraction), Yugoplastica (Childhood Friend), Muhomor (Insecticide Spray).


The selection will screen on Sunday, 24 April, 5:00pm, Tuškanac Cinema. More details on the CFD website here

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