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Crooks Scam Croatian Casino out of €10k

CasinoPolice have arrested three men aged 29, 35 and 41 in the Croatian capital Zagreb after the trio cheated their way to more than 10,000 euros in winnings from a local casino.

In the early hours of 14 October the men took their seat at the electronic roulette table at a downtown casino. Thanks to a metal wire device which they had hidden with a scarf, the men were able to push half the wire through a gap in the dome protecting the wheel of the electronic device. The men were then able with the wire to move the ball into whatever number pocket they pleased. Staff, nor CCTV footage detected the men’s tricks as they collected 49,834 kuna (6,400 EUR) in winnings.

After getting away with it the men came back for more on Monday night (4 November). This time the trio won 34,314 kuna (4,500 EUR), but when they went to collect their winnings suspicious casino management checked CCTV footage and held the men until the police arrived.

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