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Crocodile & Zebra Meat Available in Zagreb for First Time

CrocResidents in Croatia’s capital Zagreb can now for the first time get their hands on some exotic meats…

Retail chain Metro have recently advertised some meats previously unavailable in the city. For the first time locals can now purchase crocodile meat. A kilogram of crocodile meat is being advertised for 131.24 kuna (17 euros). Other exotic cuts rarely seen in Croatia on sale include bison meat (218.74 kuna a kilo – 28 euros), zebra (168.74 kuna a kilo – 21 euros), and bear meat for goulash (224.99 kuna a kilo – 30 euros). Frog and wild rabbit are also on offer. Whilst some of the meats can be found in top-notch restaurants in Croatia, they have not been available to the regular shopper.


Crocodile meat it is an exceptionally tender, juicy meat which is low in fat and cholesterol but very high in protein, whilst zebra is a very lean source of protein.

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