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Croats Travel Habits Revealed


For the first time the State Bureau of Statistics have published data relating to the travel habits of Croatian citizens…

According to the statistics, last year 1.8 million citizens, or 49% of the population above the age of 15 went on at least one trip. In total there 6.6 million private trips, of which 4.6 million (69.5%) were made somewhere in Croatia, and 2 million, or 30%, were trips made overseas.

When it comes to overseas destinations, Bosnia and Herzegovina was the most popular spot for a trip (12.6%), followed by Slovenia (12.5%), Italy (8.9%) and Germany (7,7%). 58.5% of trips were ‘short trips’, the bureau revealed.

The most common reason for travel were to visit family and friends, followed by ‘a holiday’, whilst the average length of time away for those travelling somewhere in Croatia was 5-6 days.

The statistics revealed that Croatian citizens spent a total of 9.9 billion kuna on travel, of which 4.2 billion kuna was spent in Croatia. The average spend was 1,482 kuna per person. 1.9 million citizens, or 51% of the population above the age of 15, did not go on a trip away last year. The main reasons preventing those from travelling were ‘lack of financial means’, ‘health reasons’ and ‘lack of desire or time due to family or work obligations’.

When it came to business travel, 371,000 citizens, or 10.2% of the population above 15, went away for work reasons. Germany (20.8%), Italy (10.4%), Slovenia (8.2%), Bosnia and Herzegovina (7.1%) and Austria (6.8%) were the most visited destinations for business travel.

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