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Croats Ten Times Poorer Than Europe’s Richest

Croatians are around ten times poorer than the richest Europeans – the Liechtensteiners. People from Liechtenstein are the richest in Europe, according to a survey from German pollster GfK Geo Marketing.

The survey, which looks at individual income and savings after paying taxes, has the tiny non-EU country that borders Austria and Switzerland, top with €57,000 per person per year. Croats earn ten times less than those from the low tax haven, which has more registered companies than it has citizens, with €5,085.

The wealthiest EU country is Luxembourg. Luxembourgers have around half of what Liechtensteiners can spend after paying taxes: €28,924 per year. Spain sits on the European average with around €13,000 per person a year. Moldova is at the bottom of the list with spending power 45 times less than those from Liechtenstein, says the EU Observer.

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