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Croats Still Skeptical About Internet Shopping

63% of Croats use the internet, with only 17% of those purchasing something from the internet at least a few times a year, said Kristina Cerp from Valicon at the Regional Internet Trading Conference currently being held in Croatia.

Comparing Croatia’s data with neighbouring Slovenia, the two nation’s internet usage is almost identical, however, 34% of Slovenes use the internet for shopping compared to 17% of Croats. It is predicted that soon Croatia’s internet shopping statistics will jump to 27%, meaning one in three will use the internet for shopping at some stage during the year.

In Croatia, 97% of internet shoppers first investigate the products before buying them, with two-thirds of them doing that on the internet. Every second buyer compares a similar product with the competition.

Cerp says that it is important to follow trends in Slovenia as they tend to quickly follow in Croatia, writes Netocracija.com.

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