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Croats Stance on Office Romance

CroatiaRomance in the workplace is nothing new, in a recent poll in the UK it was revealed that 14% of couples who met through work ended up married. So how do Croats view an office romp? Croatia’s largest career website Moj Posao have just conducted a survey with over 1,100 office workers in the country to find out…

Out of those surveyed, 44% said that they had mixed work and pleasure, with 56% surveyed saying that they never had any relations of any kind in the office. 21% said that they had been in a ‘love relationship’ with somebody at work, whilst 13% said that they had engaged in a ‘short affair’ with a colleague. 10% said that they had innocently flirted with someone at the office, stating that it was hard not too as everyone in the office was ‘young and good looking’, whilst others said it was not smart to take anything further than a flirt with a colleague .

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