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Croats Sign Petition To Force Repeat EU Entry Referendum

Ten days ago a Croatian civic initiative called Referendum Rebellion began collecting signatures at more than 120 locations in 52 cities in Croatia demanding referendums on 4 questions – a repeat referendum on Croatia’s entry into the European Union, banning genetically modified products, nullifying previous privatisation and banning the sale of Croatia’s resources and state-owned companies.

By Croatian law the magic number is over 400,000 signatures per question for action to be taken, and on Friday Croatian radiotelevision (HRT) reported that the group has successfully collected a total of over 400,000, more than 100,000 for each question. With such a positive response Referendum Rebellion’s leader Zoran Mihajlovic is confident that they will acquire the necessary number of signatures.

“We believe that this initiative will succeed in the end and we will gather the required numbers and that citizens will be aware of the importance of those decisions, and attempt to consolidate this society and prevent the collapse of this society which is evident in Croatia today,” said Mihajlovic.

The group have until 27 February to gather the required number to force referendums on the four issues.

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