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Croats Love A Drop To Drink – Fact.

Croats are knocking back more than double the amount of alcohol as the world average and it is concerning experts. Croats are drinking 12.8 litres of alcohol a year, well above also the European average, who lead the way in drinking in the world.

The high numbers have concerned experts as the Ministry of Health today presented the European action plan around alcohol for 2012-2020.

The nation with the European record of alcohol consumption per year is the Czech Republic, who consume more than 16 litres of alcohol per capita, said Lars Moller from the Alcohol and Drug department for Europe at the World Health Organisation.

According to the survey, Croats, per household, consumed 27 litres in 2010, with 15.6 litres in beer, 10.7 litres of wine and 0.7 litres of spirits. In 2011, 92.5 percent of men and 80.3 percent of women consumed alcohol, with a fifth drinking more than six glasses in a row in one sitting.

It is an alarming fact that young people in Croatia are consuming alcohol in large quantities. I think that the reason is that a large portion of the population is tolerance towards such behavior and I hope that the Croatian action plan on alcohol is debated and at the end gets accepted, said Marina Kuzman from the Croatian National Institute of Public Health.

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