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Croats Living Longer – Life Expectancy Up

CroatiaCroats are living longer – that is the conclusion from the Croatian Institute for Public Health’s annual report…

Life expectancy for males in Croatia is now 74 years of age, whilst females are living longer, with their life expectancy now 80 years of age. The life expectancy for both males and females in Croatia however is 3 years less than in the rest of the European Union. Croatia’s combined life expectancy is just over 77 years of age, ranking the nation 40th in the world.

“We will need at least 20 years to catch up to the life expectancy in the European Union,” Ivan Čipin from the University of Economics in Zagreb to RTL, adding that depending on the region in Croatia, life expectancy varied but in general Croats were living longer and healthier.

The top five causes of death in Croatia were:

1. Coronary Heart Disease
2. Strokes
3. Lung Cancers
4. Colon-Rectum Cancers
5. Breast Cancer

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