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Croats Invention To Save Cars 50% Fuel

Two young Croatian innovators have invented a new HHO generator that will save cars as much as 50 percent in fuel.

Petar Joncic and Dinko Jakusic have patented the invention which they have called “genijator”, which they built from their garage in the Croatian capital Zagreb.

“Seven years ago, Dinko found some information on the internet about cars running on water and HHO generators, and that is where it began,” recalls Petar, adding that the pair then slowly started to develop their invention over time in Dinko’s garage.

“We got some interesting results, we tested on our friends cars, and the results were excellent, so good in fact that we couldn’t find anything better in the world. We then patented it.”

The pair plan to start-up their own company and try to crack the world markets, reported Vecernji list.

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